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World Eradication Project

The World Hepatitis Eradication Project is a Global Initiative organized with the sole responsibility of ensuring that Hepatitis is totally obliterated among mankind.

The initiative of the "Hepatitis Zero Project" came from a dream of a Brazilian, Humberto Silva - survivor of the virus, who was diagnosed as having the disease after having carried it for 38 years, without ever suspecting. He made a vow to God that he would work without receiving anything, until the end of his strength to change the situation in the world, and today, together with Rotary International, he is organizing actions to eradicate the disease in more than 200 countries.

Many people do not show clear, discernible symptoms, and as a result are not diagnosed and may continue to spread the virus to others. Only about 9% of people with hepatitis B and 20% of people with hepatitis C have been diagnosed..

You can be part of the solution, You can be the reason why someone has a chance to live.

Our Vision

To bring the count of Hepatitis cases to a Zero in the world.

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Our Mission

To effectively create awareness and sensitization, ensure availability of viral testing, screening and necessary drugs on a global scale

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Our Goal

To prevent, detect and treat viral hepatitis around the globe.

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Our Values

Togetherness, Consistency, Integrity and Results

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In Brief


5 things you didn’t know about viral hepatitis

1. Hepatitis B and C kill more people annually than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB
2. Hepatitis B and C are responsible for 2 out of 3 liver cancer deaths
3. 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware
4. Birth dose vaccine costs as low as 20 cents yet isn’t used in 48% of countries worldwide
5. Eliminating hepatitis B and hepatitis C as public health threats by 2030 would prevent approximately 36 million infections and save 10 million lives

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